Who Benefits from OCC Med?

Today’s employers are charged with managing risk and related expenses while still fulfilling their commitments to their customers and employees. A growing number of employers realize the advantages of partnering with occupational medicine clinics. Minnesota Occupational Health provides the complete range of urgent care services including imaging, suturing, eye and burn care as well as a referral source to specialty care such as advanced imaging, physical therapy and surgery.

The following are some of the major benefits of OCC Med clinics to both employees and employers:

If you happen to be involved in an accident at the workplace, it could lead to acute pain and anxiety. In such a scenario, you should seek immediate medical attention. Minnesota Occupational Health’s clinics provide crucial services that are designed to handle and treat work related injuries using an ideal approach. MOH Providers also determine and communicate a plan with the best course of action in terms of your treatment in order to return an injured worker to good health as soon as possible.

Another major benefit of partnering with Minnesota Occupational Health is our ability to create and report the proper documentation to insurers, QRC’s and employers including periodic work status reports so every stakeholder, from the patient to the insurer understands the needs and accommodations that may be required until Maximim Medical Improvement (MMI) is attained.

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