Stress Electrocardiogram (EKG) or CT HeartScan Tests for Firefighters

It is an unfortunate fact that heart disease causes a large number of firefighter deaths in the line of duty. It is important to identify firefighters who are at risk of experiencing a heart attack or stroke before they are exposed to the harsh and challenging conditions of firefighting.

At Minnesota Occupational Health, our physicians may recommend a resting electrocardiogram (EKG), an Exercise Stress test or a CT Heartscan for a firefighter on a pre-employment and/or a periodic follow-up basis. These tests along with identifying other cardiac risk factors such as cholesterol, smoking, fitness, age, heredity and others, can offer insights into cardiovascular health and health conditions that could lead to a heart attack or sudden cardiac arrest.

An Exercise Stress Test may be able to identify:

  • The presence of significant coronary artery disease
  • Blood pressure response to exercise
  • Abnormalities with your heart’s electrical activity
  • Fitness level

A CT Heartscan uses computerized tomography to identify, measure and evaluate calcium within the coronary arteries that could lead to blockages.

Minnesota Occupational Health offers customized physical exams and medical surveillance tests and partners with key cardiology groups to perform and help evaluate heart disease in high risk professions such as firefighting.

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