MOH’s Work Performance Center is home to specific industrial rehabilitation services are tailored to achieve an optimal outcome; a healthy, productive worker and a safe work environment. Deducted, fully trained therapists specialize in treating and preventing work-related injuries through an array of services including Functional Capacity Testing and Work Conditioning, On-site Ergonomic Educational Programming and Job Site Analysis as well as customized Work Performance Tests. Our therapists assist in problem solving and identify solutions to unsafe work practices and environments, thereby reducing the incidence of injury and subsequent expense of injury care. Our facility is all-inclusive, equipped with structures, construction materials, conveyor, and many more features to create a “virtual workplace”. These aspects, combined with the employer’s tools and materials, make our interventions more effective. Injured workers increase strength and endurance by replicating job duties in a gradual progression, resulting in clear, performance-based documentation of the client’s capability. In addition to the job simulated environment, we have a full line of strengthening and conditioning equipment including bikes, a treadmill, an Upper Body Exerciser, free weights and strengthening machines for every body part. Patients involved in a Work Conditioning Program or an FCE must demonstrate their abilities using the actual equipment and performing tasks identical to those at the worksite. In addition, the employee returns to work with the confidence and knowledge that they are capable of completing work duties in a safe, productive manner. The “job-simulated practice” is unavailable in fitness or health club settings, therefore, the exercise professional is unable to assess the injured employee’s ability to perform an at-risk job task on a daily basis. Because of our specialty in performing job simulated activities, we know precisely when the client meets their job requirements, without the need for a costly assessment. All of these aspects provide the shortest, safest and most cost-effective pathway for return to work. To learn more or to schedule an exam, please call us at 651-968-5300 or contact us here.

Work Performance Team

Lisa Peirson OTR/L

"Work Performance Testing, Work Conditioning, Functional Capacity Evaluations, Job Task/Site Analysis"

Morgan Sanken MA, OTR/L

"Work Performance Testing, Work Conditioning, Functional Capacity Evaluations, Job Task/Site Analysis"

Jessica Haller-Chew OTR/L

"Specializes in: Work Performance Testing, Work Conditioning, Job Task/Site Analysis"