The purpose of occupational vision screening is to identify employees with vision issues. Whether your employees work in a regulated safety-sensitive position, in a skilled trade such as an electrician, or spend their workday in front of a computer, identifying and correcting impaired vision is essential in helping to reduce employee fatigue, increase quality control, and reduce accidents. At Minnesota Occupational Health (MOH), we implement numerous testing options to meet your needs.
  • Snellen Chart
  • Ishihara Test
  • Jaeger Chart
  • Titmus Vision Screener
  • Farnsworth Color Vision Test
The audiometry exam tests one’s ability to hear sounds at different frequencies and determine whether one is experiencing a hearing loss. Audiology exams are an important part of occupational health, both in terms of maintaining a high-performing and safe workplace and protecting your employee that may be exposed to loud noise from heavy machinery or equipment. At MOH, we are able to provide options within our clinic or on the job site to help in employee safety and screening. For more information, please call us at 651-968-5300 or contact us here.