MOH provides the equipment and expertise to conduct and report the follow special screenings required by many employers.

Department of Transportation (DOT) Physicals

If you have and are being treated for any of the following conditions, please download the document(s) that apply to you and have your personal physician or specialist provide you with the information requested. Bring this information with you to your DOT exam or have it sent prior to your appointment.

Respirator Clearance (Questionnaire, Spirometry – Pulmonary Function Testing)

Your employer may give you a specific set of questionnaires to complete or you can complete them at the time of your visit.


MOH Audiograms are intended to capture your baseline hearing as well as any changes in your hearing over time. Employers that have a voluntary or mandatory hearing conservation program will normally monitor and test for hearing changes.

Special Vision Testing (Distance, Acuity, Color, Peripheral)

MOH uses a variety of special vision tests including Snellen Charts, Titmus, Jaeger, Ishihara and several others in order to identify vision limitations that may affect worker safety.

Fitness for duty examinations (Return to Work)

These exams are typically highly specific to determine if a specific condition will allow or prevent a given individual to safety return to work. Fitness for duty exams often require that all medical records pertinent to that condition be sent in advance or brought to the exam appointment.

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Exams

Performed by one of MOH’s FAA medical examiners, exams are conducted for pilots and air traffic controllers.

Firefighter Exams

Pre-placement as well as ongoing medical surveillance exams are performed for firefighters. These exams place a strong emphasis on cardiovascular fitness and on previous exposures to various hazardous materials.

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