A job task analysis is performed onsite with a MOH WPC Consultant and the employer to identify the physical demands and environmental issues encountered in the position evaluated. It takes approximately four hours to perform the analysis. This may vary due to the magnitude of the position or positions involved in the evaluation.

The job task analysis process includes meeting with the employee and/or the supervisor in the position to be analyzed. A discussion and observation of the position is completed in order for data to be compiled for a complete job analysis/description. Areas for analysis in the position will include: essential tasks, equipment used, vision & hearing, environmental exposures, lifting/carrying, pushing/pulling, and physical positions.

A complete report will be compiled at the end of the process. The report will also contain photographs of the site analyzed for future reference by the employer and/or physician. Reports may also be more abbreviated in nature and include only observation and recommendation sections if appropriate (for example office assessments).

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