Minnesota Occupational Health (MOH) has certified and experienced FAA medical examiners at its Blaine and Eagan locations that are dedicated to providing comprehensive, cost-effective services to the aviator community. Accurate and properly conducted FAA medical certification exams and aviation medical exams are central to ensuring pilots are physically fit and ready to fly aircraft. These exams ensure pilots are medically cleared to fly commercial (1st Class) or non-commercial planes (2nd & 3rd Class).

We staff two aviation medical examiners that are second-to-none in their qualifications for performing high-quality exams for any level of aviation professional, pilots and air traffic controllers. MOH is one of a handful of clinics in the Twin Cities and in the Upper Midwest that offer these FAA exams from expert professionals like ours.

At MOH, we believe in fair pricing to be a good partner for those in aviation. Minnesota Occupational Health can meet your needs by providing the following medical examination services for pilots, controllers and other aviation professionals looking for medical clearance.

  • FAA exams for all classes
    • 1st, 2nd and 3rd class FAA medical exams
  • Basic Medical Exams
    • These exams include basic physical examination with sight, hearing and more
    • They also check for heart conditions and other diseases
  • Blood and Laboratory tests
  • EKG testing
  • Special Issuance for all classes

The frequency with which pilots need to take these exams depends on multiple factors, including license type and age. If now is the right time for your next FAA exam, please call us at 651-968-5300 or contact us here.

Our Providers

Dr John Kipp
Dr. Kevin Wall