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The popularity of conducting occupational drug testing on employees has increased significantly during the last 30 years. Employers perform these tests to ensure a drug-free workforce. Approximately 65 percent of all U.S. employers utilize drug testing as an employment condition. Some of the key motivators or reasons for employing such testing measures include:

Protection against work-related injury
Increasing productivity
Using drug testing as an election criteria

To demonstrate the effectiveness of testing, studies on field employees and the overall productivity of companies using this practice have been carried out. The testing becomes more effective when two approaches are followed. The first approach is screening potential recruits prior to employing them. The second approach is conducting randomized regular tests on current employees. These studies showed that companies that test their employees are generally safer than those that do not. Absenteeism and delays are also minimized, consequently increasing total productivity. It is therefore clear that employee testing will help your company reach its goal of increasing its profitability and overall production.

There are numerous methods that can be used by employers to test for illegal drug use, though urine testing is the most commonly used method. A urine test involves collecting urine samples, which are taken to a laboratory and screened for narcotics and other illicit substances. There are strict federal rules governing laboratories that conduct urine tests to ensure that the test results are accurate. These results can be presented in a law of court if needed.

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