More than 8,000 employers have partnered with Minnesota Occupational Health. Employers tell us they value our service ethic, clinical expertise, timely communications and collaboration in hiring and maintaining a safe and healthy workforce .

From pre-placement medical and functional exams and injury care to ongoing medical surveillance for respirators, hearing, vision and hazmat exams MOH is proud to be your a full-service occupational health resource. We also provide services you won’t find at any other occupational health clinic, such as 24-7 on-site drug and alcohol collections.

We believe in delivering high quality care with integrity—balancing the needs of patients with the needs of employers.

“The physicians at Minnesota Occupational Health provide comprehensive health assessment services for our safety-sensitive workforce. We rely on the expertise of the entire Minnesota Occupational Health team to help us ensure a productive and safe workforce within the 7 county Metropolitan Council region.”

Deborah AebiSenior Manager, Human Resources, Metropolitan Council

“Minnesota Occupational Health treats our clients’ injured workers in a fair, reliable and honest way, every time. If only we had an MOH in all 50 states! What more could one ask from an occupational medicine provider?
Nothing I can think of!”

FredMosley,M.D.,Medical Director of Work Partners USMedical Director, Work Partners USA – Medical Triage Provider

“Minnesota Occupational Health has given our agency tremendous peace of mind. We know that all of our clients are in great hands with comprehensive case management and care coordination for each and every injured patient.”

Mark Kraemer CIC, CWCA, CSRMAssociated Benefits and Risk Consulting


Employers receive encrypted emails containing each new and follow-up workability report. Insurance adjusters also receive provider notes and additional documentation. Patients and employers value the balance that our providers achieve by helping injured workers remain as mobile, productive and safe as possible while empowering employers with clear and concise work restrictions.