Prevention of and Care for Common Work Injuries

The risk of work injury is present in all jobs, but in particular in construction, manufacturing and assembly type jobs. Each Minnesota Occupational Health (MOH) clinic is staffed and equipped to function as a full-service urgent care center just for work injuries.

MOH considers workers to be industrial athletes so particularly for muscle and joint injuries, the goal is always to maintain and improve mobility. Just as professional athletes are cared for, treatment often involves remaining as mobile and active as is safely possible, gradually increasing the workload until maximum medical improvement is reached. Reducing couch-time is critical to improving strength, flexibility and range of motion.

Repetitive Motion Injuries

Many jobs involve repeating the same movements which can contribute to soft tissue and muscle fatigue, aches and pain. Genetically, some people are more susceptible to repetitive motion injuries after performing the same motion in the same way over a long period of time. Whenever possible, change the side of the body that is being used, periodically stretch in the opposite direction and workplace accommodations such as job sharing and workstation rotations can all help to alleviate these types of conditions.

Hydration and Nutrition

Physically demanding jobs and jobs that are performed in environmental extremes such as heat, cold or humidity require special attention. Avoiding sugars and other simple carbohydrates can be helpful in maintaining both stamina and a high level of mental alertness. Drinking water before you are thirsty is essential in staying ahead of dehydration, while keeping your muscles and brain functioning at an optimal state.

Flexibility and Balance

As we age, workers can become more prone to injury because of our loss in flexibility and balance. Even sitting or standing for long periods causes muscles to tighten. Carrying, pushing or pushing objects require proper technique and balance. Even a small amount of weight can result in an injury if balance is even slightly out of whack. Exercise not only for strength and stamina but also for balance.

If you are a Minnesota worker who has been injured on the job, do not hesitate to contact Minnesota Occupational Health online, by phone or by visiting one of our Twin Cities locations. Our staff of physicians, many of whom are board certified in occupational medicine, offer years of experience and understanding in addressing work injuries.

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