A Helpful Guide to Vaccines

Over the pest several decades, vaccines have dramatically decreased the number of cases of many diseases and saved millions of lives. Nowadays, many formerly deadly diseases have been almost completely eradicated. Getting vaccinated has become a vital part of maintaining your health. However, many adults do not get their booster shots after a certain age. Here are some reasons why you should vaccinate.

Protection Against Disease

Vaccines work by putting inactive viruses or bacteria into your immune system. That way your immune system can get used to them and be able to recognize them and fight them later. If it recognizes a threat it can defeat it because it will learn how to fight it.

Protect Others

Of course vaccines will help you protect yourself. However, getting vaccinated will also help protect others. There are people out there who, for medical reasons or otherwise, are not able to fight off diseases or get vaccinated. If you are not vaccinated, you may pass a disease onto those who are immunocompromised and they can become seriously ill.

No Missed Time

Even if you get through a disease without any permanent damage, you may miss some things that you did not want to. Missing work at an inopportune time can cause you stress and anxiety. Or, you may miss important family or social events because you are sick.

What Might You Need?

Depending on a variety of factors, such as your age and your history of vaccinations, you might need to get a booster of some vaccines. When you are 16, you should get a meningitis vaccine. You should also get MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella), pneumonia protection, and varicella boosters. Getting a tetanus shot should be done every 10 years. Check with your doctor to find out what you might need.

Flu Shot

It is always a good idea to get a flu shot every year. Each year the formula is changed to better fight against the strain of flu that is expected to be prominent that year. The best time to get it is before the flu season. If you are an older adult over the age of 65 you should get a pneumonia vaccine as well.

Getting vaccinated will help keep you, and your community, as healthy as possible. Consult your healthcare provider today.

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