Hip and Knee Risk Assessment

How’s the state of your knee or hip? Find out.

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Eventually we all start to notice the wear and tear on our joints. Whether it’s pain during a chilly morning jog, a twinge after sitting in your favorite recliner, or joints complaining from simply walking the aisles of the grocery store. We know each step of aging brings with its own cocktail of physical discomforts, but when joint pain stands in the way of what we want to do, it’s time for a change.

Perhaps you’ve started to wonder about the condition of your own knee or hip. Is it time to see someone? Well it is exactly those thoughts that brought us to offer this Hip and Knee Risk Assessment.

It is completely free, and walks through a series of questions based on internationally accepted research to give you an evaluation of your joint. While nothing can replace a doctor doing a physical exam, this is a great place for you to start to learn more about your joint and what your next steps might be.

We welcome you to take the assessment and share it with friends, family, coworkers, that neighbor over the fence, or even shout it out on Facebook.

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